Wearing and Sizing a Corset

         How do I choose the correct size of a corset? 

Fitting a corset is a matter for experts. When you order a corset, we ask for your bust, waist and hip measurement, PLEASE GIVE THE ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS, NOT THE DESIRED ONES. We then assess the correct size, taking into account your figure and style of corset chosen. Usually, a corset approximately 4 inches /10cm smaller than your natural waist size will be made. Contact Toni For Appointment Today

 Is a corset comfortable? 

A correctly fitted corset should fit snugly all over, without being uncomfortably tight, if you wish to reduce your waist, lace your corset slightly tighter each time you wear it.

Do I need help to put on a corset?

It is easier with someone to help, but perfectly possible to do it on your own; Corsets are delivered laced up at the back with two long loops at the waist. Loosen off the lacing then put the corset around you and fasten the front panel. Do the top clasp first and the rest should follow. Pull the loop gently then tighten the lacing progressively towards the middle from top and bottom until you are happy with the fit. There should be a pleasant hugging sensation, but you should be comfortable.

To finish, tie the ends in a bow at back or front.

DO NOT over tighten or you will damage your corset, corsets mould to the body after a short period and the material takes the strain, then you can go a little tighter.

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