Waist Cincher Belts for 2018

The waist cincher belt has been a long time favourite here at Get Waisted. The attention to emphasise the waist with an hour-glass silhouette.  We were so please to see designers such as Zimmermann showcasing this classic piece.  Across London fashion week the variation of styles were amazing, sending us all heading to our wardrobe’s.

 Last week we showcased just one example of the waist cincher by Zimmermann. (did you notice it in last weeks blog?). This was a perfect example how adding the waist cincher can make an outfit stand out in the crowd.

Waist clinchers by Toni Pickles

Waist Cincher’s concentrate solely on the waist and narrow from the hips to ribs. Like a corset belt and sits on the waist to make it smaller. You can expect to reduce your waist instantly by up 2-3 inches whilst still being comfortable. Whether day or evening wear it provides the perfect addition.

  Our Designer Toni Pickles created an amazing corset and clincher belt collection. This collection showcased in London’s fashion week. Get Waisted designs frequently take their inspiration from an age of elegance – reflecting 1950’s tailoring and silhouettes. Toni believes in creating designs that complement and enhance the feminine form. The Cincher belt is the perfect piece to enhance any wardrobe.

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