Tom Ford Inspiration for Spring Summer 2019

We are dedicating a series of inspirational ideas for Spring / Summer 2019. This week we are moving to New York Fashion Week. At Get Waisted we realise that not everyone has the luxury of owning a Tom Ford creation. At Get Waisted, we specialise in creating bespoke, made to measure garments.

So keep an eye out for our series of inspiration videos and if you spot something you like, give us a call. Toni can either recreate an entire garment inspired by the original, or elements of it, to your specification. All you need to do is make an appointment to discuss the design. Get Waisted we’ll do the rest, it’s that simple.

Designed By Get Waisted Designer Toni Pickles

Introducing the Tom Ford Collection

How do you design clothes when the world is on fire? As we watched Tom Ford’s spring Summer 2019 fashion show at the Park Avenue Armory—the lighting dimmed, the bass thumping, the dresses were tight. Ford himself commented that. “Given the harshness of the world, a softer colour palette seemed right to me this season”. Focusing on a singular, ultra-lean silhouette that played on a hard-soft dichotomy. “A hard jacket grounds you; it takes the vulnerability out of soft clothes,” he said in a release.

Ford favoured a subdued, chic palette of mostly black and skin tones with hints of gentle pink and lavender. (This was complemented by the sprinkling of men’s looks, all elegantly tailored and graceful, but this time out, definitely the supporting cast.) The main construct for women: structured jackets and corsetry over gentle skirts — crepe de chine and mousseline prevailed — some cut asymmetrically or with slits, to reveal lace-edged slips. With Added touches of thick croc belts, silk tuxedo jackets, fluffy marabou jackets, and a series of fringed and caped evening wear looks destined for the red carpet




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