The Process

The process starts when you first contact Toni. Perhaps you have a favourite dress you would like copying – but not quite. It needs to be in a lighter fabric, not in brown, just a touch a longer and, oh – maybe in size 14 this time?

Toni The ProcessMaybe you have been inspired by a picture, a look you saw on the catwalk or in a movie. Whatever it is, Toni can help. Bring your ideas and any swatches or pictures if you have them. Toni will talk to you about what you are looking for, where you are going to wear it and the style that excites you.

Typically it then takes about a week to come up with a couple of sketches of possible designs (if you know exactly what you want this stage isn’t necessary). The sketches are reviewed and adjusted if necessary. Then the process really starts – finding and agreeing on possible fabrics, colours and of course the ‘taking of measurements’. This is where the benefits of made to measure really kick in. There is no such thing as the wrong size – or the wrong anything else for that matter. This usually takes 1-2 weeks.

With more elaborate items (and more expensive fabrics) or where you are not absolutely sure of the style a toile is made (that is a making up the design using a basic fabric to test the pattern and suitability) – this takes a further 2 weeks.

At the next appointment you try on the toile or have the first fitting and Toni will mark any changes necessary. Generally, this is straightforward just requiring minor changes and the final dress can be ready for a final fitting in another 2 weeks.

Occasionally a further fitting may be required (or perhaps you’re the indecisive type) – adding another week to the process.

So, as you can see – the whole process takes about six to eight weeks (the more notice the better but we try to be flexible).

Please note full bridal gowns take a little longer.

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