Summer holidays are around the corner

For many of us we are now running up to the Summer holidays. This can be a mixture of moments from dread to happiness. I know personally thinking what are we going to do to occupy them for so long was always a worry. With work pressures taking 6 week’s of work is not an option in this day and age. So the thought of going to the beach whether at home or abroad comes to our minds as a well needed break. Of course then comes the next challenge what to pack. Just contemplating about what to wear always becomes a hot topic in our house. Of course my partner in crime always says “you have packed too much” as he feels a couple of pairs of shorts and tops is more than enough for his packing.

Not having the correct accessories would be a disaster wouldn’t it?

As we all know it might be heat wave today but who knows what we will wake up tomorrow. There is also both daytime and evening wear for example. This includes the correct accessories for each outfit. This unfortunately always adds up to a bursting suitcase. So I wonder, each year, what is the answer to this problem? I’m sure I’m not alone in this quandary.

Summer holidays

Festival Fever

With this season’s fashion all about festival wear this has made packing must easier. This seasons cross shoulder bags or bum bags is a must have fashion accessories in Summer 2018. This means our accessories become small and light. Added to the three T’s Texture, Tassels and Too-much-is-not-enough attitude ensuring this summer quandary will be no problem. With the team at Get Waisted ready and waiting to assist in your must have Summer outfit.

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Summer holidays

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