Summer has truly arrived

 Summer has definitely arrived once again the sky is an amazing shade of blue. It seems like yesterday we went from heat wave to days of thunderstorms. We are now thinking about the seaside and water fights.  Making the most of the Great British weather at its best. It really makes us feel that much happier. Full of laughter as the layers of clothes peel off into the light and (less) dress code. It always seems to bring out the youth inside. Making us feel sexier as winter drifts away into distant memories. Music sounds better, being with friends, to outside BBQ’s start to fill our minds as the weekend draws nearer.

The Perfect outfit ……

Here at Get Waisted we love the summer season and the new bespoke range. Working with you from beach days to evenings under the stars with that someone special. We are sure to design your perfect outfit / garment that will catch-all the right eyes.

Have you an outfit / garment that you always wanted but never been able to find it in the shops? I know here at Get Waisted we all have at one time or another over the years. Your perfect look is just one call away. Toni our resident designer can bring your dreams to life this Summer. Contact us today for your personal consultation.


Only Two Weeks To Go So Excited……

The official launch of Get Waisted and Abi-K Designs is on the 22nd June from 10am. It is going to be a magical day with plenty of celebrations. Is it in your diary yet? If not this is the time to get that pen out.

Offering lots of surprises during the day as well as a few glasses of Fizz it’s the event of the summer.


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