How many hats can one woman have?

We wonder do you?

As the run up to Christmas starts and the evening start to draw in.  We ask the question how many hats do you wear? From businesswoman, mother, house cleaner, wife to time to have a social life. I think for most women just getting time to just relax has become a bit of a luxury.

Looking back, we think that has always been the case. In this day and age where most households have to work. Finding time for ourselves seems just that little bit harder.

At Get Waisted we are sure that we are not the only one’s finding the thought of snuggling up with a drink or two appealing. Closing the curtains and shutting out the cold, relaxing in front of a fire, reading, watching tv or just talking with family. We all love to have downtime.


Let Us at Get Waisted help on ideas for those Evenings events

 Yet, at this time of year, we still enjoy the run up to Xmas. Especially, the joy of seeing Christmas lights softening the night sky. The rush to find that perfect Christmas gift, hoping that we don’t get it wrong. To receiving the first invitations for the office party (However nice, the next day we may feel it was regrettable. I’m sure you all know what we mean).

Evening Events, nights out on the town with the girls or even just that intimate dinner for two. For us here at Get Waisted each year as we get older, the choices in Colours, Styles and feeling sexy plays even more of a major role in what we choose to wear.

Have you an outfit / garment that you always wanted but never been able to find it in the shops? I know here at Get Waisted we all have at one time or another over the years. Your perfect look is just one call away. Toni our resident designer can bring your dreams to life

So why not contact us today for your personal consultation for your next adventure with a true WOW factor feel. Or pop into the shop at 98a High Street, Steyning BN44 3RD. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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