Made to measure / ‘pre-owned’ and vintage

Get Waisted stocks a small selection of genuine vintage and designer ‘pre-owned’ items.

At Get waisted we have noticed that genuine vintage clothing items are very often only available in small sizes. Equally, our customers often want to ‘tweak’ the design or use a different fabric, change the size or parts of the pattern to fit with their individual style.

To fulfil this need in the market Toni has sourced a large number of original vintage patterns – including those from Vogue so that you can choose the pattern of your choice. Toni will then get to work to make the style and look and feel of a genuine vintage garment.

So, if you want a ‘Vintage Original’ – why not get one made. You can have exactly what you want, in whatever colour, size or fabric you fancy…no compromises.

Just talk to Toni.

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