Made to Measure Corsets

A Made to Measure Corset can be a wonderful addition to a woman’s wardrobe – but there are some things to bear in mind.

Wearing a ‘Get Waisted” corset can transform the way you look in several ways. It enhances your figure, pulls in your waist and gives you a beautiful posture.

A proper corset is different from a basque or a wasp, neither of which are designed to pull in the waist. How a corset in constructed

A bespoke  Made to Measure Corset comes in 2 halves – laced together at the back and fastening at the front with a steel busk and spring spirals in the lining. These extend all the way round to give you that wonderful hourglass shape. 

Our styles are light, flexible and surprisingly comfortable – you don’t have to pull your waist into a size of 18 inches! You can wear the corset just hugging your body or you can lace down to an iron grip. When you order and give us your measurements, we select the best size for you to ensure a snug fit.

First-time wearers are usually surprised and delighted when they look in the mirror: Corsets enhance any woman’s body, giving her a smaller waist and the impression of fuller breasts great for feeling fantastically feminine!

A ‘Get Waisted’ Made to Measure Corset is made to look and feel beautiful whether you wear it casually or formally. Each one is specially designed for the wearer.

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