From cozy nights in to glitz and glam we have you covered this Autumn

Autumn evenings are becoming colder. At Get Waisted we are sure that we are not alone in finding the thought of snuggling up with a drink or two appealing.

Closing the curtains shutting out the cold. Then relaxing in front of a fire, reading, watching tv or just talking with family. We all love to have downtime.

I think for most women getting time to just relax has become a bit of a luxury.  Looking back, we think that has always been the case. In this day and age where most households have to work. Finding time for ourselves seems just that little bit harder.

How many hats can one woman have? We wonder do you?

For example, what hats do you have to wear, from businesswoman, mother, house cleaner, wife and of course time to party and have a social life.

For us here at Get Waisted each year we get older, the choices in Colours, Styles and feeling sexy plays even more of a major role in what we choose to wear.


London fashion week

London Fashion week was amazing and awash with the buzz of so many new and inspiring designers showcasing their  latest creations. Get Waisted model Charlotte Royal  was on the catwalk showcasing some of these designs. Allowing us rare backstage access.

London Fashion week showcased Bold colours, animal prints, checks and tweeds across the designers. With coats designed by Loewe, and leopard houndstooth by Joseph.


Checks, plaids and tartans that of course have been stable diet of fashion for decades mix and match these with bright colours such as orange, purple, blues and yellows as describe a couple of weeks ago in our blog.

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We at Get Waisted look forward to creating your next outfit So contact us today and we will ensure your new wow piece will be ready for the event of your chosing.

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