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In recent years the Jumpsuits has become established as a ladies’ fashion staple garment. No longer a passing fad that comes and goes in cycles. This is a  statement piece that many designers incorporate into their collections. With jumpsuit’s in its many forms hitting the pages of the glossy magazines weekly.

 Jumpsuits landed on the fashion scene in the 1920’s. Icons such as Chanel and Schiaparelli regularly associated with this style. With origins capsulated in luxury, opulence with casual chic comfort.

The jumpsuit  has grown into such a much-loved favourite outfit. The sheer simplicity of the garment stands out with its step in, slip on and zip up and you’re ready! There are jumpsuits for any occasion now, and can be elegant, fun, bold, sexy or practical. The huge range of individual styles gives such versatility to this outfit, who could possibly resist having a couple in their wardrobe at least?

Types of Jumpsuits

Sleeveless Jumpsuits, cropped leg ones, silky ones, polka dot, floral or striped there’s a jumpsuit to suit every occasion. The endless combinations of fabric and styles will ensure that the appeal of the Jumpsuit will last for decades to come.

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