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Issue 105

Village Living :- We heard about the exciting collaboration between bespoke dressmaker Get Waisted and Abi-K kimono silk accessories on Steyning’s High Street, so we got the scoop about their collaboration launch date when we visited their unique boutique.


 Q: Firstly. tell us what you do, and what makes your business unique?

Toni: “I’m an established bespoke dressmaker. My business is Get Waisted. I’ve been on the high street in Steyning for five years, offering design, made to measure, restyling and alterations. If you’re looking to ‘stand out from the crowd’ wearing a beautiful bespoke garment for a special event, or want quality daywear. I can provide a tailored friendly affordable service for you. I also stock ready to wear collections in limited editions.

Abi: • I’m the owner and designer at ABI-K. I design luxury handbags and accessories using vintage Japanese kimono obi silk and leather. The ‘obi’ is the formal sash worn around the waist of a kimono. and were once worn by geishas or in formal Japanese ceremonies. ranging from 1920’s upwards. Only a small number of products are made from each silk. and no two are ever the same making each piece truly unique. All my designs are made in England, expertly manufactured by a small workshop in London. Although I still cut the Silk myself to determine where the pattern lays, And hand select premium nappa leather. I also offer a bespoke service and can source obis and leather in specific colours.

Village Living

Village Living Q: Steyning Is a beautiful place to visit, tell us Why customers should come to Get Waisted & Abl-K?

Toni: ” Being a dressmaker, I specialize In bespoke. Whether you’re going to a wedding, or a special event, we want our clients to feel fabulous wearing a garment guaranteed not to be seen by anyone else. I can source stunning fabrics. and talk through designs to finalize the perfect outfit. Using Ab’s Japanese silk in details on a garment to complement her clutch bags a perfect way to collate an outfit, and feel special when wearing it.”

Abl: “My handbags and accessories are completely unique, with a history and story to tell. They make perfect gifts for that Someone who has everything if you want to give a thoughtful one-off gift, or treat yourself. My handbags team up fantastically With Toni’s collection, so customers can accessories a bespoke outfit right here under one roof. “

Village Living Q:How long have you been trading?

Toni • Get Waisted was established in 2004. and I’ve been on High Street in Steyning for five years.

Abi : • I set up Abi-K in 2011, selling into independent boutiques and exhibiting at shows. Until joining Toni at Get Waisted in April. I had a unit in neighbouring Cobblestone Walk for just over a year. to be continued……

Village Living

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