Inspiration for 2019 Spring Summer

Showcasing Chanel Range

 We are dedicating a series of inspirational ideas for Spring / Summer 2019 from Paris Fashion Week. At Get Waisted we realise that not everyone has the luxury of owning a Chanel creation, and at Get Waisted, we specialise in creating bespoke, made to measure garments.

So keep an eye out for our series of inspiration videos and if you spot something you like, give us a call. Toni can either recreate an entire garment inspired by the original, or elements of it, to your specification. All you need to do is make an appointment to discuss the design and we’ll do the rest, it’s that simple.


Designed by Toni Get Waisted

Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Chanel transformed the Grand Palais into a beach to present their Spring Summer 2019 range. An ideal setting, complete with sand, sea and azure sky.

With colours included: sunshine yellow, golden sand, tan-beige, pink, blue, iced mint and mother-of-pearl white with navy blue and black. A parasol print on chiffon, multi-colored plummets over tweed, with sand and seashells to add to the joyful atmosphere.

Defined by cultured elegance with fabrics from tweed to chiffon, crêpe, lace, cotton serge, denim, leather and poplin.

Chanel Range Includes

The suit takes on new dimensions with jackets with wide shoulders and flared sleeves paired with slit skirts or opening over mini-skirts or oversized trousers.

 Jumpsuits with wide legs and outfits of short jackets and tweed dresses. Masculine jackets combined with strapless shorts or leggings.

Jeans go with belted cardigans or swimwear with an asymmetric shoulder.

For both day and evening, vest dresses appear in white tweed, swathed in stripes or embroidered with sequined parasols and sandy-hued tweed dotted with sequins. Vests knotted like towels around the chest and decorated with seashell necklace straps.

Beach hut stripes appear over layered dresses in crêpe georgette, inlaid with ladder lace. Long chiffon dresses printed with two-tone parasols over a lace outfit create delicate fluidity.

With trails of sand, embroidery of golden sequins sketches delicate grooves on a pearlized white tweed suit and on dresses in navy crêpe georgette.  For summer showers waterproof coat’s with flared raincoat in plasticized lace.



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