Heatwave bring’s our Ethnic print to life

As the temperature sky rocket into the 30’s We all feel like a touch of the tropics has come to Britain. As only the British can, we complain it’s too hot. But here at Get Waisted it has brought colour to life. Everything seems brighter and we all feel more uplifted. For me personally a bit of R & B music fills the air windows open and the soft breeze floats in.

Exuding both confidence and femininity

Our signature Ethnic range is around us as Toni works her magic. Once again bringing the Caribbean to life as she can only do. The bespoke range truly brings out the sense of colour and freedom. To express ourselves with the rich vibrance of red’s blue’s and golds is such a powerful statement for all women. Exuding both confidence and femininity to any wearer. A few nods of appreciation will never go amiss no matter how old we are if we are honest.

So as this amazing weather continues with the weekend just around the corner think bold and enjoy the adventure you decide for your weekend. From the

seaside to the garden with a glass of wine the choice is yours for the taking. Our ethnic range is available in a few select pieces online at https://getwaisted.co.uk/ethnic-prints-collection and by order please contact us for more details.

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