We Are Proud to Announce We Are Teaming Up With Abi-K Design

Get Waisted are Proud to be teaming up with Abi-K Design as of the 14th of April. Specialising in luxury handmade accessories crafted from vintage Japanese Kimono silk and leather. These are great accessories that will go beautifully with our bespoke range of clothing.

History of the Kimono

Kimono in Japanese means item of clothing and is also associated with politeness and good manners. The kimono is made from silk or leather and was founded in Japan.  Primary used by the samurai, the ruling military class. Merchant and artisan benefited most from the peace and prosperity of the period ranging from the 1615 – 1868.

However, the rigid hierarchy of the time meant that they could not use their wealth to improve their social status. So to show their standing in the community they found a different way  to show their wealth. Purchasing beautiful material creating the kimono a symbol of luxury within the higher classes. The Kimono stimulated the growth of the patterned material industry within clothing which continues today.

The wives and wealthiest merchants in Japan had regular fashions contests to see who displayed the richest design and material. Showing off their dazzling bespoke kimono with its shimmering flowered silk.  The Unique Kimono’s are a piece that ensures your individuality can shine though. Still to this day it is worn for important festivals and even formal occasions.

Bag Created by Abi-K Design

Get Waisted with Abi-K Designs

   Abi-K Designs use the silk and leather of the traditional Kimono to create one of a kind handbag’s and accessories that complement our own bespoke creations here at Get Waisted.

Our Launch will offer a discount of 10% throughout the store. Date to follow will give you the opportunity to view all of the collection.

Created by Toni @ Get Waisted


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