Our Privacy policy’s has been updated to fall in line with the EU’s GDPR. The new privacy terms for Get Waisted will officially take effect on May 25th.

Get Waisted is highly committed to keeping client’s personal information safe and secure and we collect only essential and inevitable information to process your order. We never share any of your information with any individual outside our company in any way until you agree to permit us for doing so.

You’ve probably already received a hundred of notifications just like this, so instead of boring you with all the gritty details, here is a summary of what has changed including information on how has rallied to simplify the process for all its users.

We’ve been privacy conscious and proactive when it comes to security and data protection from the beginning. So, for us, the GDPR has provided a useful reminder to be more transparent in these practices, and provide better documentation and opt-ins for our visitors and members.

We encourage you all to grab a cappuccino and have a read through our updated Privacy Policy and T&C. Our specialist put a lot of time piecing this information together for you and we expect you’ll enjoy every line of it. 😉

If you have any questions, our team is prepared to help. We are pleased to be a small part in contributing to a safer more private experience for everyone.

From The Get Waisted Team

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