Fighting away those winter blues

I think we all face the feeling of gloom when the Christmas decorations come down. Happily, the lighter days are starting to appear, but we still need to fight away winter blues.  What better way than with a jazzy outfit or two (as we all know a girl can’t have just one!) Fashion should be fun, that luxury should be affordable and of course, you should look gorgeous. Don’t just limit yourself to black, grey and navy, a pop of colour will be a fabulous welcome to your winter wardrobe.

By experimenting with colours and materials, we ensure the feeling, we all love, of a whole new wardrobe by just adding a few well-selected items. An added bonus, we love to feel sexy and to strip away the winter blues.

As the first daffodil starts to bloom the idea of spring and warmer weather starts to blossom in our minds.

Don’t rule out the ideas of the floral maxi dress, a pair of tights and boots for example. This will ensure it’s suitable for the colder months, maximizing the feel-good factor both for yourself as well as the admirers when out and about.

Cups of couture Sep 2017


Receiving compliments for our chosen outfit always makes us feel amazing, there is no better feeling if we are honest. It makes us feel less in ‘the blues of winter’ and more into ‘the feeling of spring is on its way’!

Jean Paul Gaultier spring/summer 2018 couture collection

 At Get Waisted we ensure that every piece you purchase makes you feel like a million dollars. With precision tailoring to guarantee those feel-good comments keep rolling in.

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