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Village Living article:- We heard about the exciting collaboration between bespoke dressmaker Get Waisted and Abi-K kimono silk accessories on Steyning’s High Street. So we got the scoop about their collaboration launch date when we visited their unique boutique.


Village Living Q: What gave you the Idea for your business?

Toni – I have to give credit to my husband for my business name ‘Get Waisted’. As well as dressmaking i specialize in bespoke corsets. So the play on words with waist inches made my business name a talking point! Since childhood. I always knew I wanted to be a designer. My mother was a dressmaker and milliner I trained as a tailor on Saville Row at Taylor Coulson for three years, then decided I wanted to specialize in Ladieswear, so I retrained as a dressmaker.

Abi: • I trained as a jeweler originally In 2011 I trained as a jeweller originally In 2011 I won a design award With the British Jewellers’ Association for ‘Fashion Cuffs’ I designed a unique wrist cuff using silk. stainless steel mesh and leather. I originally used Off cuts of vintage Japanese kimono obis. Then after researching their heritage I discovered they are four meters long. I Fell in love with their opulent pattern, colour and history. I immediately saw their potential as clutch bags to match my wrist cuffs. So, I started designing luxury handbags. I’ve been expanding the range ever since

Village Living Q: What are your price ranges? *

Toni• For my bespoke service pricing is by consultation depending on the style and fabric for your garment. But don’t be intimidated, we have a relaxed, friendly approach and always happy to chat about your requirements in an informal way over a coffee. While pricing is bespoke, examples are: a blouse in cotton from £75. A day dress from £125 and wedding dresses start from £700. I’m always happy to discuss ideas and work within your budget”

Abi: Each product is unique. one-off. never to be repeated, ranging from £19 – £195.

prices are accurate at time Of print and subject to change in the future or at the discretion Of Get Wasted & Abi K

Q: This collaboration seems like a natural synergy, but how did It come about?

Toni” I discovered Abi’s beautiful kimono silk handbags in her shop in Cobblestone Walk last year. I’m keen to stock unique one-off accessories at Get Waisted. so Abi and I discussed how I could order a selection of handbags and accessories made from a Japanese obi exclusively for Get Waisted. I started selling the bags and purses before Christmas, and that’s how we got chatting about a collaboration.

Abi: • I’m amazed Toni and I hadn’t met before. As we’ve discovered we’ve at the same fashion events in Brighton over the years. and have cross overs with contacts within’ our industry. So, when we met last year, we naturally sparked conversation and found we shared a passion for amazing fabrics, colour and print. I particularly love Toni’s African block prints in quality cottons and how they translate into her beautiful garments with Kimono silk to match my bags is exciting.

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