Previous Collections

.Previous Collections A selection from Toni’s previous collections can be seen here. These are also still available to order. If you see something you like contact Toni Today.     check-corset brown-3-piece black-corset-supp zip check-supp red-corset redbelt   Harri-cat Harri-lace Harri-red Harri-wedding Lilly-kaftan Lilly-maxi Lilly-motif Olivia-kaftan Olivia-Lilly-black Olivia-Lilly-kaftan Olivia-Lilly-motif Olivia-maxi Olivia-wedding-standing   Dress-long-cream zip gold-ruche […]

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Toni’s Collection

Toni’s Collections  Each year Toni’s designs and manufactures at least one ‘Capsule Collection’ available to order in-store and online. In addition, to this Toni creates made to measure bespoke items created for individuals. If your looking to stand out in the crowd then Get Waisted contact us today.       You can view the […]

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