For Brides to be in 2018

For anyone who has been following Get Waisted’s Facebook posts this week, I have been looking at things and people who inspire us and today I’m going to be showcasing some designs for Brides to be in 2018.

During my postings this week on Facebook,

On Monday

I included an amazing dance performed by Alexander Bogdanov and Maria Kerzman. Alexander is a 25-year-old dancer from Russia. Growing up he always loved to dance, but after he was blinded in a tragic car accident.

Followed the tragedy, he always feared he’d ever be able to dance again the way he loved. That’s when his “guardian angel” Maria stepped in and helped him get back on the dance floor. This dance is a beautiful interpretation of Alexander’s life and the pair’s own beautiful story. Maria leads Alexander onto the dance floor and when the… music starts they begin to dance across the room. If you hadn’t been told Alexander was blind, you would have probably never guessed it. The timing and the fluidity of this couple’s movements are simply flawless and are totally inspirational if you have not had a chance to check out my post please do you will not be sorry.


I invited everyone to come and look at the newly vamped-out website watch this space for new Events, Promotions and Blogs.


 I posted one young lady’s amazing ability with a Samurai Sword certainly, don’t think anyone will be pushing her around anytime soon brings a new take on “you fight like a girl” and a definite inspiration to all.

So to follow the theme of the week

I have put together some of the Design’s for Brides to be in 2018

The Designer’s I have presented within this clip is a short selection from Demetrios Platinumto, Ines DiSanto, Rosa Clara, Galia Lahav and Cabotine collections. To give you inspiration for the creation of your one of a kind wedding dress which Get Waisted could create for your special day, that will WOW everyone in attendance and be the talk for years ahead. We, of course, would not forget the rest of the wedding party from the Mother’s of the bride and groom, bridesmaids and the groom himself. So please contact us Today for your first consultation.

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