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Get Waisted is ready to create your perfect prom dress. Prom night is a once in a lifetime event so looking stunning is a must. We all remember the excitement as the evening approaches. The build up of dress fittings and decisions about hair and beauty is all crucial. The preparation reminds us all at Get Waisted of our marriage planning when there never seems to be enough time.

Our Prom dress needs to be perfect so correct fabric  and style matters. Understanding your body type can ensure you find the most flattering fit. With choices galore from long and flowing or short and flirty? Two-piece or traditional? It can prove to be a minefield. We have all experienced the ‘oops’ moment when we have not tried on a outfit in the shop. Once home looking in the mirror wondering ‘really did i purchase that?’

Knowing what works with your body shape

Purchasing your perfect outfit when you are not sure what type to choose can be difficult. The key is understanding your features, including what works with your body shape and figure, this is a great starting point.

If looking taller is your goal your dress choices are vital. A short dress with high heels will extend your legs for example. If you are looking for a long prom dress then go for a dress with long, straight lines.  Avoid anything that visually cuts you in half.

If looking to reduce your chest size a dress with more support is ideal. Purchasing a Bra Friendly dress can look stunning and cover enough over your back to wear a bra. Take a look at some of the corset style dresses with a boning bodice these have built in structure and give you the support where you need it. Why not pop into Get Waisted who specialise in these types of dresses custom made for your shape.

Being on the smaller size does not mean you can’t look stunning and make a big impression . Try looking for styles with extra embellishments and beading around the bust area. Look for a dress with a neckline. The heart shape of the of the bust line emphasises what is below.

Not everyone has a hourglass figure.You need to  choose the right dress with the right shape that can help to define your waist. The A-line dress which is fitted around the hips and then widens towards the hem of the dress, can work wonders with lumps and bumps virtually disappearing under a few strategically placed wrinkles.

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