As temperature rises to mid 30s the beach is calling

As temperature continues to rise over the UK. I’m sure most of us are thinking about the beach, ice cream and enjoying the cool breeze. As we continue to enjoy the heat wave our minds do feel for anyone who is working outside. We are very lucky being near the beach no matter where in the UK you’re situated.  Who needs to travel abroad when we are experiencing warmer weather than most countries?


Staying safe this summer

Staying safe from the sun should always be a factor. Wearing light loose clothing will ensure that you not only stay cool but look fabulous for many years to come.  With School holidays now in full swing. We can forget the basics easily, between out of school clubs and working. Added to this, ensuring to remember to put basics on like sun screen, hat and drink plenty of water. These can all be issues as we juggle with the extra duties needed at this time of year.

Get Waisted

Here at Get Waisted we can ensure you stand out from the crowd while keeping you safe from the sun. So whether you are staying in Britain or hitting the beaches abroad we will have you covered. Book your consultation today to ensure you stand out from the crowd this summer.

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